Japanese italki teachers who have experience helping students prep for the higher levels of JLPT

I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a good Japanese teacher on italki who would be able to help me with the reading comprehension section of JLPT N2.

If the teacher is semi-fluent in either English or Spanish that would be a plus, but is not necessary. Thank you in advance!


Estoy pensando si alguien pueda recommendarme un profesor de Japon que puede ayudarme con  la seccion de comprensión lectora en el examen JLPT a nivel N2.

Si el profesor tenga semifluedez en ingles o espanol es una gran ventaja pero no es necessario. Gracias por adelantado!

Dec 16, 2015 6:32 PM
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The italki teacher Kara is a good choice. She was helping me prepare for JLPT 4/5. Yuri is also a great teacher, but currently isn't taking students. However, Yuri may make an exception or she might open up her services to other students. But Kara's def a good choice too, and can help you with N2


December 16, 2015