Do you agree that every human being should speak at least two languages? Why?

I think that the more languages a man speak the more opportunities he or she has. 

1. If you speak many languages, especially English, Spanish, French and Chinese you can talk to almost everone in the world!

2. While you are studying new language you are becoming smarter, cleverer. Your brain is working hard and that's great for your health.

2. While you are learning new words, new grammar, you're also  learning about DIFFERENT culture of DIFFERENT nation, their customs, holidays, food etc. It helps you to respect OTHER nations, not only yours.

4. It's just very interesting and captivating!

What do you think about this? I'll be glad to hear your opinions.

Dec 17, 2015 7:16 AM
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I'm totally agree with you Semyon, For me I think learning new languages make be a better person, It changed my thoughts and my perspective, give me the chance to meet new people from different cultures learning me how to accept and respect others despite their differences, religions, beliefs and traditions.

December 17, 2015

I think it's good if people can speak more than one language, but some people don't have the interest or aptitude, despite being interested in other cultures.  

I worked as a chef for about a year and during that time, I found it really difficult to focus on abstract intellectual activity - my brain had to operate in such a different and focused way.  It helped me to understand what it is like for people who do mundane manual work for years and years.  

December 17, 2015

Totally, I agree with you, especially in number 3 because that happened literally to me and everyone around me noticed that I was changed and all my opinions too when I started to learn the culture not only the language, that makes me respect the others and their lives more than the past. And I'm happy for this changing because now I accept everyone's opinions and customs in addition to, sometimes I'm trying to do a lot of their good customs that I found are a must in my life. If you study a language and a specific country's culture, I think it will be like your second home. You will be happy if they're celebrating and you will be sad if something bad happened to this country like your homeland. I think the most important decision in my life is choosing the languages to be my studies and my career in the future.

December 17, 2015

Those who speak more languages can have more opportunities through the abilities. They can get better jobs, make more money, and study more specific histories or cultures of other countries. That's awesome! :)

December 17, 2015

Except the third point, these advantages all apply to other things you could learn, like maths, programming, presentation skills, cooking, music... And the third point is true, but there are faster ways to learn about culture.


If you think everyone should learn a language, I think you have to do more than argue why languages are useful. You also have to convince people that something else wouldn't be a better use of their time. It takes quite long, after all.

December 18, 2015
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