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So... You think you know the English verb "take"

Good... then the following two multiple-choice questions should be easy to answer.


- Do not write your answer... just mentally take your best guess

- See the answers by clicking the link at the bottom of this posting



1    How many definitions of the verb "take" are there in the dictionary?

(a)  10

(b)  44

(c)  96

(d)  1,222


2   How many idioms/common expressions are based on the verb "take"?

(a) at least 23
(b) at least 150
(c) at least 300
(d) at least 1,222







Why have I asked this question?

Because the verb "take" has so many uses (usages), and it is used every day in formal and informal, written and oral form.

If you are learning English, you need to know this verb.

Dec 18, 2015 3:18 PM
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My favourites (as a service engineer) are:


Take apart - to dismantle

Take to pieces - to dismantle

Take to bits - to dismantle


Great post Richard.

December 19, 2015

Thanks a lot for your recommendation, Richard. This is very very helpful to me. Could you recommend a website for learning English grammar to me? I'll be very appreciate it. Thank you in advance.^_^

December 18, 2015

I see it is not easy to choose only 5!


There are 2 meanings I didn't know: TAKE A DISLIKE TO SOMEBODY / TAKE AN ACTION and now I get the meaning of TAKING A BREAK, properly!


Thank you! :)

December 18, 2015

Take a look
Definition: To investigate, or review something
Could you take a look at this question?
I'd like to take a look. Is that OK?


Take medicine
Definition: To ingest medicine
Be sure to take your medicine before you eat lunch.
Many senior citizens take medicine three or four times a day.


Take notes
Definition: To write notes during a presentation or other learning situation
I'm going to take notes on the lecture.
Can you take notes and share them with me?


Take a risk
Definition: To take a chance on something that might be successful or not
He's going to take a risk and moved to Chicago.
We took a risk and bought the property as an investment.


Take someone's temperature
Definition: To measure a person's temperature
Tom took his son's temperature to see if he should stay home.
Do you think I should take my temperature?


Take a walk
Definition: To go for a walk
Let's take a walk around the lake.
I take a walk with my dog every day.

December 18, 2015

Laura... There are about 20 main uses of the verb take.


Take action
Definition: To do something in order to achieve an objective
We need to take action to solve this problem.
You'll have to take action in order to change the political system.

Take a bath / shower
Definition: To have a bath / shower
Jack took a shower before he left for work.
Susan enjoys taking a long, hot bath on Saturdays.


Take a break
Definition: To make a short pause at work, or when working on something at home
Let's take a short break and then finish the job.
Why don't you take a ten minute break?


Take the bus / subway / train
Definition: To get on public transport
Jane takes the subway to work every morning.
Which train should I take to get to Long Island?


Take a (phone) call
Definition: To agree to speak with someone on the telephone call
I'll take that call, can you put her through?
Would you like to take this call Mr. Smith?


Take a chance
Definition: To do something that might be successful or not
Take a chance and apply for that new position.
He doesn't like taking chances.


Take a class / Take classes
Definition: To sign up and attend a course in school, or other instructional institution
She needs to take two more classes to graduate.
I'd love to take a yoga class.


Take control
Definition: To become in charge of a situation
We'll let Tim take control of the situation.
I'd like you to take control of the vehicle.


December 18, 2015
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