Alexander Heinzel
League of Legends, Board Games, other stuff to chat about! Spanish - German

Today I started to learn spanish and of course I would love to find people to talk to, that share interests with me and who are very patient. 
I can offer whatever you need in german because I am teaching it at a school in french.

I can speak english german and french and I am really looking for someone with the same interests. So far they have been hard to find so I try my best here on this site.  

I am interested in Music, Movies, Video Games, Board Games and would be happy to find someone who plays with me while skyping. Or someone who just wants to skype is great too.

Looking forward to meet someone nice here, 

Greetings from Austria

Alex :)

Dec 19, 2015 6:14 PM
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Hi Alex!

How are you?

I am Oscar from Mexico and would like to play with you League of legends. My username is GonFreecss92.

Send me a message to be in contact.


Oscar Meza

January 29, 2016

Hola, Soy Juan de Colombia ... Hallo Ich bin Juan aus Kolumbien ... möchtest du mit mir üben? Meine Muttersprache ist Spanisch. Ich habe Skype und Whatsapp


January 27, 2016

I can help you if you can help me with my French. 

December 19, 2015