I am trying to translate Junsu's song "Turn it up."


What does "애태우는" 소리 mean?

그 가수는 춤이 애태웠습니다?


How can I make a cool sentence?

Dec 20, 2015 7:28 AM
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In this lyric, I think it could be translated as flirting sounds or teasing sound. 

I am not so sure because a lyric is like a poetry sometimes. or it is just I am not so smart. 

but I am sure that it means the noise made him not satisfied at all. 

he could be unsatisfied because either his opposite is teasing him or his oppstie doesn't give him a clear signal of flirts. It can be approached by very different opinion, too.

so I don't know. I am sorry. 


and the question related to grammar, I would like to carefully suggest you to upload on question board again not here on discussion board.


Thank you and Merry Christmas





December 24, 2015