noun + verb with 's'

"one book falls", "two books fall"

I still understand why 'two books' use 's' in the end of word. But, why 'one book falls' use 's' in the of 'fall' word? can someone explain me?

Dec 21, 2015 9:27 AM
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"Falls" is for he, she or it. We have one book (it).


If you have more than one book, then you write books (they).  This is the plural form. 


It falls, they fall.


There is no connection between the <em>s</em> in <em>falls</em> and the <em>s</em> in <em>books</em>.

December 21, 2015

Subject verb need to both be singluar or plural.


Book and falls is singluar set.


Books and fall are plural set. 


So "one book falls" to the ground compared to "two books fall" to the ground.


Plus it doesn't sound "correct in Engish to say one book fall, and two books falls.

December 21, 2015