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Price of dollar rose ????

Today it happened a bad thing in our country. Price of dollar rose very much. I feel sorry for poor people who must keep the family.

What is situation with dollar in your country New Year's Eve?

Dec 21, 2015 7:48 PM
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Bad consequence for ones, good for others. 


- North American tourists travelling to, let's say, Latin America are :-)


- People planned to travel abroad after saving money for one year are :-(


- Some importers are :-)


- Teachers on Italki getting paid in US dollar are :-D


- Some students on Italki having to pay in US dollar are :'-(


And so it goes, unfortunately, Leyla...


December 21, 2015

It's been rising tremendously. Booking sessions on italki affects my bank account in a negative way it wouldn't affect in the last year. The discrepancy between my currency and the US Dollar is 200% bigger! Buying a simple soft-cover book on Amazon, for instance, will be soon like buying all the volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Those examples are simple examples of how the rise of the US Dollar affects us directly - indirectly in the food, electronics etc. As already said, good for italki teachers, but I hope this situation changes.

December 21, 2015

- Teachers on Italki getting paid in US dollar are :-D


December 21, 2015

Here in Venezuela we´ve been with that problem since 2014. Price of dollar here is just a joke... a really bad one.

December 21, 2015


One year ago, the Canadian dollar was equal to the American dollar.

That means that our economy was good.

But now the Canadian dollar is equal to 70 cents compared to the US dollar.

So, if I travel to the US or buy anything from the US, everything will cost me 30% more than one year ago.

A lot of economies will improve when the price of oil goes up again... and it will... hopefully sooner than later (soon, not a long time from now).... in the meantime (until the price goes up)... be brave and try to stay positive.


Good Discussion Leyla... thank you.


December 21, 2015
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