Ahmad Adlouni
Have you ever been in the same stage?

I feel like stopping ....

I don't want to learn spanish no more. 


The language is not like english, arabic or like another other language I've been taught. 


There are 2 past tenses: This being said ... - Everytime I'm skyping with someone, I need a lot of time before forming a phrase that makes sense thus it's incorrect. 

Spaniards tend to speak so fast. 

I'm used to speak slowly :-)


I spend lots and lots of time trying to learn this language, thou I feel stuck... What to do? What to do?


I feel like this is impossible . . . 


Even thou I: Watch clips, movies, read books, use dicitionaries etc ... 



Dec 21, 2015 9:13 PM
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Keep going, Don´t give up! I´m a native spanish speaker, and I´m curently learning english, I started studying English a year ago and now I can understand almost everything written, I am still struggling with my pronunciation and listening, I make a lot of mistakes, Even I´m making mistakes in this, but you learn of them, I actually find english grammar similar to spanish grammar, as always, not everything is the same, just keep going! Trust me, It gets better, keep practicing. If you want I´d like to help you with your spanish! 

December 22, 2015


i find myself understand "Spain" spanish speakers much better than los latinoamericanos

maybe because i have been taught to learn the "Spain" spanish

anyway, yeah i know that feeling

have been learning Spanish over one year, and that's my major in the uni

and it still takes me a while to form a sentence to get my idea across

and yeeeees they speak sooooooo fast 

like they have motor attached to their tongue

but u know, learning a foreign language is anything but easy


and it takes quite a while to see the reward of ur devotion 


December 23, 2015

I also tried comparing it to danish, but . . . 


I like how the language sounds - It sounds just as a song.


- Yes, this language is like a bottle opener! Litterature, culture, 493 million speakers etc... 


I appreciate your comment, Michael :-) 

December 21, 2015

First of all it is a generally different language structure from englisha and arabic so that is why you are having trouble. The two past tenses are hard to grasp but they are comprhensible. So even if you use the wrong one they can still understand you. As far as spaniards speaking fast trust me they do not speak fast it is just the fact that you are learning the language, They may seem like they are speaking fast but you speak just that fast in your native languagen without even realizing it.


JUST KEEP GOING BRO!!! Spanish is a very fun beautiful and rewarding language to know. The more you practice the better you will get


December 21, 2015

CindyAnita - It seems like we are in the same stage. 


I sometimes watch videos (ted x talks) over and over, and it seems like I can understand pretty much everything (almost).


December 23, 2015
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