How did I improve my vocabulary?

I want to share with you my own way of building up vocabulary that really helps me all the time. I actually made some rules for building up vocabulary and I hope, you might get benefit as well,

Here they are,
Rule 1: When i meet any new word, I note it down in my note book, and look up it's meaning in a dictionary. The dictionary explains the words with examples that helps me to understand both the meaning and usage of that word.

Rule 2: I memorize words with their family. eg: Satisfy(v), Satisfaction(n), dissatisfaction(n), Satisfactory(adj), Unsatisfactory(adj), Satisfied(adj), dissatisfied(adj), Satisfying(adj) and Satisfactorily(adv).

Rule 3: I'm used to collecting synonyms of the words eg: (search, google, comb, divine, dowse, quest, Frisk, Scour, Explore and so on...

Rule 4: I'm in the habit of making list of phrasal verbs. eg: ( get in, get out, get back, get up, get lost, get down, get off, get away, get wet, get togather, get in touch, get about and get on...if you try to search you'd find a good many more with get...
there are many words like get, you can opt to work on, such as ( take, come, go, put, carry, make, shut, cut, run, give, call, and so on


This is how I improved my vocabulary, and these rules help me a lot. 


Now I want to ask you how do you build up your vocabulary? Plz put your comments below. 









Dec 22, 2015 1:46 PM