【What do you enjoy most in your journey? 】

I watched talk a few days ago,which was about tolerance and tourism,and one of sentece from the speaker impressed me a lot,reminding me my own exprience and got me thinking.The words was just like" imagine a travel,not being taken in the bus from one side to another, from one hotel to another,taking picture from the windows of their buses of people and cultures,but actually connecting with people"


Travel has already been a part of my life after i finised my first trip to romote beautiful YunNan along when i was 17 ,it makes me brave and have the chance to escape from repeated life , bringing me fresh air,fresh face and every fresh things,however,did i really understand the local people because i know them very well? Or just the truth that i only stay afew days and will leave immediately ,keep our temporary peace with local culture? 


I still haven't got my answer, and i will have a trip to Tibet at the end of this week(though I was a Chinese i know little about this mythical place actually), i hope that i could find something during this trip.


So,how abou you? What do you enjoy most or looking for in your journey? Share me your story~


Dec 22, 2015 3:15 PM
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Haha, yes, thanks for your idea, it worth to have a try(i'm so happy that you can understood my broken english,that's really nice^^)

December 23, 2015

wish you a happy trip.

December 23, 2015

Yeah it's definitely great to actually meet locals and see how they live. You can do volunteer work or use couchsurfing or something to get a much better view of the culture. Might not work in Tibet though.

December 22, 2015