Help Please!

I need someone correct any mistakes here for me because these are the most expected for my tomorrow speaking exam.THNAKS!

1. How would you describe your own/ a friend’s personality? Mention points of weakness & strengths in your personality. Compare yourself you your friend/sibling.
My answer: I will describe my friend's personality by trying to discover his/her personality traits. Trying to discover his/her points of strength and his/her points of weakness. I see that the points of strengths in my personality are ambition, hope and having a mix of driver, amiable and expressive personality type. Points of weakness are having several dreams, being too idealistic and clueless in romance. I don't like being compared to someone else. I always love to be compared with my previous version of me.

2. What drives you in your life: to be happy/rich/successful? Explain
What drives me most is the always feeling of having to something to achieve. This thing is my goal in life (then I will talk about my goals if asked)

3. What are some goals (dreams) you have for this year, for the next few years, and for your whole life?

First of all, I prefer to call them goals and not dreams because God Willing I will achieve them and because I've made a plan for them so they are realistic and not just dreams. Well, my dreams for this year are: to be advanced in English and to speak fluently (according to my own definition to fluency), use English to be more specialized in what I am interested in which marketing and sales and also keep practicing my everyday-good habits which will lead to the achievement of the first two.
4. Who is your role model in life? Why is he/she your role model? Have someone influenced your life greatly?
I don't have one and only role model in life but I can count them in rank that my first role model in life is the prophet Muhammad(PBUH), the second are most of the successful features such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Operah Winfery and this is because they are successful people and I think if we are willing to be successful, we should study successful people and that's what I am trying to do by making them some of my role models in life (as a fisrs 5. What are your hobbies? How do you spend your free time?-If you mention reading, you may be asked what is your favorite book & whyMy hobbies are reading in the first place and I don't read only one type of books, rather, I atrying to read about different thin for different authors to enrich my knowledge (the last book I read was The Rules Of Love by Richard Templar and enjoyed it because... (I will tell more about the book and so on... 

6-. Why did you enter Al-Alsun? (my college, the faulty of languages)  Was it your main goal during your secondary year? And what do you want to do after graduation?

I joined Al-Alsun because I love studying languages and using them as means to achieve my further goals. I love Arabic, English and Italian and thus I chose Al-Alsun to enable me to study them more and reach the level I want. Yes, it was my main goal... because of the previous reasons (I will try to paraphrase them. I am now trying to bulid up my career so that after graduation I can apply to work at a multinational company at marketing department. 

8. What do you like/dislike about the faculty?

I like the teamwork because this is so helpful and has affected my personality totally. I also like my feeling that I was right when I chose to join it because I think it suits totally my needs. I like the doctors, the teaching assistance staff and their dedication to their work. What I deslike is that the library is on the fifth floor so it's not suitable to everyone to go, I don't like the schedule for our lectures because there are a lot of gabs and I don't like that the choosing to study a second language is obligatory and not optional. 

9. What is your favorite subject/ least favorite subject? Why?

My fav. subject (language, because we are only studying languages) is English and I love studying literature (drama and poetry in particular) and linguistics (grammar, phonetics and morphology). My least favourite is, unfortunately, Arabic because we are not studying it a good and beneficial way. Yet I adore Arabic and try to make the best use of what I am studying. 

Dec 23, 2015 6:56 PM