You know your a loser...

You know your a loser when... "Skype Test Call" is your best friend.

Dec 24, 2015 4:21 AM
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...when you're discussing on italki on Christmas Eve. Ow :-(


@Camilo: I think finding friends on the internet is great. Preferably as a supplement to real life, but otherwise too.

December 24, 2015

Since when does Merlyn make spelling mistakes???

December 24, 2015

I ended up copying the message I just received. Lol. By the way, merry Christmas Merlyn, you have helped me a lot without expecting anything in return. You have contributed a lot to this community!

December 24, 2015

@Phil .. since your brilliant advice is telling me to quit, and also fall in line with Communism while I'm at it:)

December 24, 2015

...worse still Mark, when you're discussing on italki on Christmas

Happy Christmas to you all

December 25, 2015
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