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Manipulation from USA - what do you think?

I have to begin with these words: I don't want to hurt anybody, sorry, if I did it. It wasn't my goal, I want to discuss only. 


I'm from Europe and I live here. Every human knows that Europe and America are two completely different continents in respect of culture, views and a lot of other things. Lately I noticed something weird - Europeans lose their mentality. People here want to do it everything to become like people from America. So, why America? Why not Australia, for example? The newest trends are from America, fast-foods (what all people love) are from America and everything from America is amazing and pretty, but nobody knows why.


The second thing, America is a lord of media, media can control all the world, I think it can be a reason, but I'm too young to be sure in the case of such things. I just wonder what other people think about it, people from other countries, especially people who were born in America or live there. 


Thank you a lot for all answers, hope you understood my poor English. :) 

Dec 24, 2015 11:26 PM
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(Yesss why not Australia...? Follow ussss!) :D

December 24, 2015

I think it's the media. USA makes sure there is an american cultural product available to everyone (even if it's via torrents or fakes, it's still a cultural influence available to the masses)


TV, shops, fashion, ebooks, cinema... Even their news broadcasts are a point of reference. It's not fair, maybe, but they've earned it. 


You shouldn't blame them, you should blame the other countries for not understanding the times and not trying to have the same level or cultural influence. 

December 25, 2015

You noticed this lately? It's been going on for a while...I think it's natural, countries always copy cultural things from the current superpower (Romans, Vikings, anchient China, etc...). If Russia had won the cold war (without invading the rest of Europe) we'd be copying them. In a few decades we might copy a lot from China.



December 25, 2015

I think that people think of a lot of things as being "American" that really aren't anymore. The corporations that own and create restaurant chains, softdrinks, clothes, films, tv shows, all those wonderful USA things, are really international entities now. For instance, the Coca-cola that you drink was bottled in your or a nearby country. The only thing American about it is the idea of it and a bit of the history.




December 25, 2015

I just think that in a small scope, it is like urbanization. People will go to the place or city  which gives them something better. The city attended by that people from many places has an advantage in culture or knowledge.

December 25, 2015