New goal - Speak minimum 10000 sentences in Spanish with in two months

Hello everyone.. I'm learning Spanish for quite some time. But still I haven't crossed the basic level yet. So to maximize the efforts and achieve a better foundation level, I wish to practice more.  I'm following the 10000 sentences goal with some simple rules.

1. To collect the most useful patterns in English and learn how the same can be presented in Spanish 

2. Substitue the patterns with most common 2000 words and create as much as meaningful sentences.

3. Speak them and use voice recognition in my mobile to check the pronunciation.

4. Practice as much as possible and use an app like goal tracker to ensure the progress.


I wish to record my journey and repeat the same for other languages.

Friends, your s suggestions and comments please!

Dec 25, 2015 6:25 PM
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This is a great idea. Learning sentences is better than learning vocabulary in isolation in my opinion, as it gives you a live example of the words in use. It will be interesting to follow your progress. Can you post each sentence that you propose to learn?

December 25, 2015