Korean tenses?

Hello,can you please tell me how many tenses there are in korean and what are they?

I already know the basic present,future and past,but I was wondering if there one that are smiliar to english for example present and past perfect..

Also,I've heard that there more than one (form?) Of conjugating in korean, all that I know now is the diary all journal form and I've understood that it can be used when narrating(Is that correct?) 

Are there any other (forms?)?

Thank you.

Dec 25, 2015 7:18 PM
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Tense isn't much of a problem in Korean.

- present, future, past, past concluded

As for the conjugation, there aren't some more, but TONS more.

In fact, Korean is one of the most conjugation heavy languages, if not THE most. Expect roughly 600 different resulting "combinations".

Conjugation in Korean won't be easy, but it is very logical and manageable. Don't worry.

What most foreigners underestimate though is the reversed order. If your mother tongue isn't Altaic or you are older than 10~12, it will be a life sentence.

December 29, 2015