English speaker wanting to learn Spanish

I would like to better my Spanish. I am a native English speaker. Don't hesitate to message me. Thanks 

Dec 26, 2015 6:45 AM
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Hi everyone!!!, I'm here in order to help you. I'm native spanish speaker :). I can use Skype, whatsapp, wechat or kik
February 3, 2016

I am fluent in Spanish so I can help you if you want

December 28, 2015


I am a sanish speaker, from Mexico. And I studied Literature. I well known my language. Feel free for ask me whatever you want!!!



February 3, 2016
Hi Kaitlyn! I'm Damian from Argentina. So, you prefer other ways than Skype.  I have a whatsapp group for practicing english and spanish.  You are welcome to join if u want. Just send me your phone number in case you would like to join. See ya!
February 3, 2016
i think too like you ,this is my dream since 6 years  that can learn spanish and il want to see spain or souft america...
February 3, 2016
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