What is your New Years Resolution?

Every year, many Americans make a New Years Resolution. Some resolutions include the following:


- losing weight

- getting engaged/married

- earning more money

- saving money


Those are just a few resolutions that I've heard so far.


Usually, I promise myself to stay physically active during the new year. It's not hard to stay active, but it is during the rainy season...which is why I usually try to run everyday, despite the rain. This year, staying active (whether or not it's raining) shouldn't be difficult. So, I decided to change my usual New Years Resolution!


This year, I want to remaster the languages that I already know and improve the languages that I started learning this year. Since returning home from being overseas for 3 years, I've become so busy and I haven't been able to study continuously. As a result, I'm losing my fluency in a few languages. By this time next year, I hope that I can say that I've succeeded.


Anyway, enough about me. What is your New Years Resolution?

Dec 26, 2015 11:27 AM
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I want to beat my trainer at the 1500 and 400 meters. I am fifty so I have to discipline myself to achieve the times that would be probably enough. I want to run 1500 in 6.30, and 400 in 1.20. I should lose about 5kg and train about 3 times a week. That is my plan.

December 26, 2015

Wow! That's impressive! I hope that you can reach your goals. I enjoy running as well, so I know how it feels to break a personal record. Good luck!

December 26, 2015