What about the Santiago de Compostela Way?

Hello, I'm a young Italian girl.


My wish is to travel around the world even on my own.

This isn't because I don't like having a trip with my friends.

This is because I think that travelling alone could be the best way to grow up.

A girl has to take care and in my view the Santiago way is the best way to start this kind of experience.

Dec 27, 2015 12:25 PM
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People who have done this say that it's been one of their best experiences.  I think you're right to do it by yourself, as you are sure to meet up with fellow travellers on the way.

I would like to do it myself one day !

December 27, 2015

Thank you all!

Hesham, the Santiago way is a famous way through France and Spain.


Wassim, I envy you for your experience.

I'll do it as soon as possible.

Your suggestions are precious for me. Thank you


Adrian, I'm glad to see that we share the same wish.   


Kasia, thank you! I know this will be hard to do and I'll be exhausted. I've one my friend that did it and he told me. But I think it's worth it.




December 27, 2015
The Camino de Santiago is an unique experience, but as far as possible be avoided during the summer months: too much ppl and it's really hot.
Whether it is done for religious, tourist, or sporting reasons. There are several routes being the most known and walked for centuries called el Camino Francés (French Way). It is said that once you walk the Camino, you are like another person, so if you're thinking of doing it,  it is advisable to be in a optimal physical condition, is performed regularly by walking, cycling and horse riding. The most i liked about the "Santiago Way" is the view of beautiful landscapes, meeting people from everywhere, and share experiences with them. I said before don't go there in the summer...  So i hope you'll get a chance to do El camino, because it will be one of your best expriences!
December 27, 2015

My friend went to Santiago de Compostela a few months ago. She was delighted by people she met there. On the other hand, she admitted that it was physically exhausted experience. Anyway, I think that going there is a great idea, Martina ;-)

December 27, 2015

I don't understand what is this way  mean , but i like travelling all over the world , it's wonderfull thing and man get alot of experience

My gratutude

December 27, 2015