I love my in-laws.

Today I would like to mention The IN-LAWS.
I believe that I am a very lucky person. I love my in-laws. They are always friendly and helpful, they acerp me for who I am, never criticize, give advice when I ask, so whit them I can talk about everything. The most beautiful words from them: "Thanks for taking care of our son". A day I want to be like my mother-in-law. Only one thing of when I'm a little bit jealous: our children. My in -laws would like chidren to them as often as possible. In general, I have nothing against it, but now children are always very busy: school, music, theater, sports... and the oldest son works on Saturdays and Sandays.... Thus, we don't have the time for life.....
Do any of you have the same problem? Do you have in-laws? What kind of relationship you have with them? Did you had with them some situation that you will remember forever?

Dec 27, 2015 3:10 PM