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Off the beaten path study abroad destinations in Spain

Hello everyone, I'll be doing a study abroad within the next year. Does anybody know of any very little cities where they have universities off the beaten path that I can potentially do a study abroad in where the first language/what everybody speaks is Castellano/Spanish?

I have been to Spain before and been to some bigger and some smaller places. I was thinking if I go off the beaten path, I might have a better, more "local" experience and learn more Spanish then I would in the big cities. To put it in context, a town under 100,000 people would be good.

Anybody have any recommendations for good universities off the beaten path in Spain with populations if not under 100,000 at least below 500,000 people where SPANISH is the first language?

Dec 27, 2015 6:13 PM
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You should have a look to Toledo. It's a small city with a population of 80000 inhabitants, more or less. In fact, you may want to see all the campus the uclm has: ciudad real, Toledo, cuenca, talavera... 

December 27, 2015