Do you have or Have you got? Is there any difference?
Dec 28, 2015 4:17 PM
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We all hope so. An 'editing button' is on everyone's wish list!


January 4, 2016

It just dawned on me that to my American ears it's mainly the question form of "have got" that sounds a little odd (to an extent). "I've got a friend that..." Sounds a lot more natural than "have you got any friends that...?"


As a side note to English learners, be careful about using contractions like "I've". "I've been there already" is correct while "I've a dog" is not (although in fast speech it sometimes comes out like this and if you say 'I've got a dog' then it's correct).


This doesn't mean that you shouldn't use contractions though. In fact, you'll generally sound more natural if you can use them correctly. Something as simple as using contractions in everyday speech can actually make you sound a lot more native than randomly using slang. 

January 4, 2016

They both mean the same. "Have you got" is informal.  "Do you have" is neutral.

December 28, 2015

No. There is no difference at all between 'Do you have any brothers or sisters?' and 'Have you got any brothers or sisters?'. These two sentences have exactly the same meaning. The only difference, as Michael says, is that 'Have you got...?' is slightly more informal.


But note that you can only use 'Have you got..?' as an alternative to 'Do you have..?' in the following situations: When...


... you're talking about something that belongs to you ( possessions, family members etc) or about something which you need to do e.g. 'Have you got to go home?'

... you're using the present simple tense

.... in informal or neutral situations





December 28, 2015

You can certainly say 'guys' to a mixed group.

'Guy' on its own means 'man'.

'Guys' in the plural means 'people', and may include both men and women.



January 4, 2016
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