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There was uppon a time a little dog ... 



Common everybody let´s build this story :)

Dec 29, 2015 12:23 AM
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The dog was named Cerberus, because his owner, Melanie, thought that it was funny to have an adorable little silky terrier named for a terrible mythological dog. As they walked by a group of people at a campfire, Cerberus stole a bag of marshmallows and began running away with them.

December 29, 2015

Who was red and blue...

December 29, 2015

That makes me happy Leyla :)

December 29, 2015

There was uppon a time a little dog whose name was Angel. She lived with her rich and old owner.

                   TO BE CONTINUED ☺


JUAN, thank you for your discussion. Because of your discussion just now I wrote a nice story about that little dog.


December 29, 2015

The dog loves to eat T - Bone steaks when he is hungry..

December 29, 2015
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