Teacher, tutor and Professor

What's the difference between teacher, tutor and professor and when can I use? thanks everyone.

Dec 30, 2015 12:12 PM
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teacher is a common word, everyone gives you instruction can be your teacher.

tutor is the person who gives private instruction

professor is the highest rank of teacher, it is a person who teaches at a university.

mentor is the person who specificly trains someone. for example, you need to choose a mentor when you start your postgraduate period.



December 30, 2015

Examples/ explanation:


Tutor is someone usua;;y paid for more assistance in math or learning a language.


Teacher is a general term you can use thrgoughout schooling.


Professor is used at thge college or university level as a term for teacher.






A girl stays after school pays for lessons in Spanish. She pays a tutor.




I had many teachers in school kindergarten to high school. I had a Spanish teacher.




I had many wonderful professors in college. Professor Dilla taught a graduate level fraud course and opened it up to undergraduate students.


December 30, 2015