Improve my English language

Happy new year for every one ,I want to be  a good speaker to English language, What I can do , I think  it is difcult but i  should study hard again and again, so you should help me.I need to practice  English language with any one lastly Thanks .

Dec 30, 2015 2:50 PM
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Happy new year to everyone! I want to be a good speaker of the English language. What I can do? I think  it is difficult, but i need to study hard so can you help me? I need to practice my English with someone. Lastly, thanks!
December 30, 2015

I am fluent in Spanish (Mexican) and English(gringo).Also knowledge in french and learning Russian.

I hope you know the alphabet by heart because until you do you´ll be stuck. 

December 30, 2015