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Several days ago, in a bus, I heard two teachers (I am sure they are not lierary professors) from my college talking with each other. I could not remember all of what they said exactly. They talked about the difference between Chinese and other forigner languages, esp. English, not so seriously. One said that Chinese were more complicated or more colorful than English at least in the sense of describing how beautiful a woman was. He thought in English (or in English literatures) there was only one adjactive "beautiful" could be used to describe a beauty, while in Chinese, there were many many many words to describe a veraty of beauty (in different situations) such as “婀娜多姿”(pretty)“倾国倾城”(most beautiful in a city)“沉鱼落雁、闭月羞花”(so beautiful that makes the fishes and birds, moon and flowers shamed)... They also thought that if a Chinese literary work was translated to English, then these words would be replaced by one English word. They could not believe that why Chinese could not get the Nobel Prize of literature, they conculded that this is the western standard. Then they just laughed loudly.

Dec 31, 2015 3:53 PM
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This is a link to a thesaurus entry for "beautiful".  There are 33 words relating just to the usage of "beautiful" (appearance of a person) that you mentioned!


December 31, 2015