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What did you experience while learning a new language?The

Hello Italki,

I want to share my language-learning journey....

Learning Arabic:
My entire family communicate in arabic, whether we are discussing football or politics. It is a hard language no doubt. First reason: The oral form (dialects etc.) is very different compared to the written form (arabiyyum mubi'n: pure Arabic or Arabý fusha: Classic Arabic). Second reason: There are so many dialects, I do not believe there is anyone in my family who can understand someone from Morocco or other African country (-Egypt) (we are from Northern-Palestine).

Learning Danish: Danish is a weird language. My teachers in high school do not understand some of the language basics, and there are not any rules when we are talking about when to write either -et or -en (it's like writing 'the' in English), they simply have to be remembered. The pronunciation is even harder than writing.

- I am born here so danish is one of my mother tongues.

Since Danish did influence English with many words, it was not a hard language to learn. (vikings ... )
- I did learn English through video games. Example: I used to play about 6-16 hours of computer at one stage (while communicating in English ofc.)

I did pass the A2 test. - The language itself is the hardest I have ever encountered. There are so many tenses. The natives speak so fast. The conjugations are driving me crazy. I am struggling a lot with the two past tenses, but I believe it will come sooner later. #Justworkhard

I had no choice to learn some German when I went to school. It is easy to learn. It is boring as ****. Everything that you have been forced to do is boring.

Dec 31, 2015 7:46 PM
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English: I have been learning English for a long time, but I still use dictionary to find meanings for words. Anytime I read something, I find new words and it seems that it is endless...

Spanish: Maybe the easiest language of those I tried to learn. And more I learn it, more pleasure I get. Writing is similar to pronounciation, it is easy to find a word in dictionary by listening it. 

French: Is a hard one, writing is different from pronounciation, and a little bit weird too, letters at the end of the world are not pronounced, and sometimes dissapeared sounds appear again depending on the next word. And French people say number 99 as 20*4+10+9! 

Chinese: Is really mind blowing for western mind. Writing and pronounciation are completely different and not interconnected, so you have to learn 3 languages at the same time: writing, pronounciation and pinyin.

January 1, 2016

My experience learning Korean:


I became interested in Korean when I had Korean friends in High School. In fact there are a lot of Koreans here who came straight from Korea. I became friends with them and they introduced me to their culture. I couldn't have an opprotunity in my schedule to take a Korean class at school until 2013-2014. So I took all my university had to offer (which is only level one part one and level one part two out of 5 levels the other languages have) and now I have to study on my own or if there's anything my Korean friends are willing to teach me. Unlike people may think, I tend to take my time with learning a language as of right now. Actually, I don't mind taking it slow at all. I don't care what other people think, I'm learning this for ME and to communicate with my friends in a fun way.  I'm not learning the language to show off to other people nor do I have any interest in living or working in Korea. I don't put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to learning a ton of Korean in a short amount of time or to be really good as of right now. Because I have other priorities like my nursing major, and I learn it for fun.That in itself takes up a ton of time. But I study a bit when I can.


I found though that there is so much pressure from some Koreans or fellow Korean language learners that I tried to allow to let them teach me or help. Which is nice, I get they want to help but they take the fun out of it. I don't want it to be uptight. Cause like I said, this is for fun. I'm probabloy not going to work and live in Korea. I need a fun environment for me to be able to learn something. If I'm forced to learn it in a short amount of time and it's not fun, the less likely I am to remember it. Because that's just how I learn.

December 31, 2015

I cant write so long text about my language learning experience because the only language I try to learn is english. and I think it is the easiest language if you really want to learn. I am sometimes confused about writing such as position of words or mistakes of alphabet .   just you need to work hard .  but also if you had a break to learn , then to remember can be hard what you have learnt before. and I want to learn Italian language because I like their pronouncation and culture . 

January 2, 2016

@Ahmad, as for me Russian grammar is not difficult at all, just needs a lot of practice. Of course, every language has its special features, just need to get used to then through intensive practice.

January 2, 2016

@Ahmad It means "I know that I know nothing" :D Actually original sentence is in Greek ;-)

January 1, 2016
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