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How much time do you listen to german materials?

Hi ,I listen to german materials 5 hours per each day (sometimes even more if i have nothing to do) and for busy days it will be 3 or 4 hours. i like to know how much do you spend time on listening skill

Jan 1, 2016 1:55 PM
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For daring people like you, who dive inte native-speaker content, I have this to recommend:
- SWR 1 Leute, an interview programme by Südwest-Rundfunk or SWR
- "Frau Diener verreist", a regular talk on the podcast WRINT in which a newspaper journalist tells about her travels.
- Radiowissen on Bayerischer Rundfunk. A fact programme, with lots of difficult words no doubt; but transcripts are available. (they call them Manuskripte)

January 11, 2016
I like  http://deutschlandfunk.de/. At least, I can understand when talk about the weather or traffic. ;-) And I think its good to get used to listen real people talking about current subjects.
January 11, 2016

It also depends on what you use to learn. The more you force yourself you block your brain, better if you have fun while learning.


Have you tried my videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2XoO1HBizGfvZR01kK_VJQ/playlists

more than 40 from 60 videos are already subtitled (always in German, most in English too, some in a lot of languages such as Russian, Chinese and Arabic). If just in German you should translate every word yourself (easy with google). You need to have an idea about what Im talking. This method works also for beginners from 0, I promise you, cause I did this with Russian, it works!
You should also take an axercise book (daftarun) and write every word, that you want to learn. In the beginning search for words like: I you, cold, warm, good bad big small, etc. So easy words. Cause for a small conversation we just need around 400 words in most languages :-), than you search for a language partner here on italki and start speaking, speaking speaking.
If there is one day you didnt learn yet: Learn at least 5 minutes before going to bed. You really should learn every day (better just a little than nothing) if you want to have a fast and easy progress

Just on top you can also listen to them for example while making a walk or something.
Feel free to tell me if you need a special topic! I shall talk about!!
I think it's the best method, cause me myself I learned that way and found it much easier than I've ever learned before.

Hope you'll succeed the fastest possible!

January 9, 2016

yea , in fact i'm learning german through listening & i have my own creative way of learning german which is primarily based on Listening.

at first,i listend to authentic leveling based stories (publicantions such as Cornelsen ,Langenscheidet, etc)  but now i listen to DW (especially Das Deutschlandlabor programs) ,DW's Telenovela für Deutschlerne videos , Easy german videos and many others. i should say that when i started to learn german (almost five or four months ago) i didn't know even the word "Hallo" but nowdays i understand a2/b1 level and i keep listening to this level for one more month because of learning new vocabularies, verbs ,etc. so if you notice then you would understand that listening is fun and the most effective way of learning a langauge.

best regrad shahram


January 3, 2016

Even half this intensity would be most impressive.

What material do you use to listen to?

January 2, 2016