"Fazer erros" is wrong

Calm down friends, I am not being redundant, neither saying that you should never make mistakes. But if you are learning Portuguese (mainly if you a are a native English speaker), you probably have used the expression "fazer erros".

I am sorry, but I should warn you that this expression is totally wrong. I guess you use this as a literal translation of "make mistakes". I have seen a lot of English speakers saying that. I saw it here, reading some notebooks and on a channel on youtube called SmallAdvantages (it' is from a guy named Gaven, he is a native English speaker who is learning Portuguese by himself,  he is very cool by the way!!)

Here goes the correct expression "cometer erros". 

A last advice, "fazer erros" is wrong, but "fazer errado" ("to do it wrong" in English) is ok!!!

Write in comments if you have already made this mistake before, answer the question...

What are your methods to study Portuguese?

I am sorry about any English mistake, and I am very excited to discuss about this with you guys see ya!!!

Jan 1, 2016 8:04 PM
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I didn't write all the tenses of the word "cometer", because I am kind of lazy hahahah, but if you want it, I can write them all.

January 2, 2016

Cometi! Saquei! Very useful post!

January 2, 2016

No problem, the following sentences below shows how to use the expression "cometer erros" in different tenses...

Eu cometi esse erro várias vezes - simple past

Cometer erros é normal - simple present

Ele tem cometido erros - present perfect

Ela cometerá um erro - future


January 2, 2016

Obrigada! Eu cometei esse erro várias vezes.

January 2, 2016