Looking for a Mandarin tutor *in Shanghai*



I'm coming to Shanghai in about a week (~Jan 10) and staying until the Spring Festival (so about 4 weeks). I'm looking for a (prefessional) Mandarin tutor for those 4 weeks to provide intensive 1 on 1 Chinese tutoring *in person in Shanghai*, at least 2-3 hours a day, about 6 days/week (time of day flexible, morning/afternoon/evening all works for me, as I'm not doing anything else). The tutor should be experienced teaching Mandarin to foreigners, preferrably with a degree in teaching Chinese (a student would also be OK).


The tutor will be responsible for the entire curriculum. I don't care what books are used (if any), I just want learn Chinese (speaking, listening, reading + typing on a computer, no need for calligraphy), and learn to blend into the society. My ultimate goal is become fluent in a business setting (though I know it's not possible within 4 weeks). I'd say my current level in upper-beginner, I spent 6 months intesively studying Mandarin last year. The tutor will also be responsible for providing a classroom*, or some other place (conference room?) where we can meet for the lessons (maybe a quite caffe would do?).


In short, I'm looking for a (very) intensive in-person tutoring and I will pay market rate.


If it all works out, and time allows later this year, there's an opportunity to continue remotely later on. Please let me know if you're interested in teaching me, or know someone who might be. Feel free to contact me here in italki, or via email (victorj44 at gmail dot com).


About me: I'm a 26 years old european/american living in San Francisco. I'm very open minded and experienced with different cultures/languages, and I'd like to think I'm a fun person to be around. Happy to chat on Skype beforehand. Also, I'm a good and diligent student, who wants to make the most out of this experience.





* - an alternative is the tutor would come to my apartment to teach me, but at this point I don't know yet where I'm staying, so that's not guaranteed (secondary note: I'd love to hear recommendations for places/apartments to live in Shanghai).


Jan 2, 2016 1:49 AM
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