Some questions about Kiev

I'm going to visit Kiev for about a month in April, and I'm looking for a place to rent. There are a lot of apartments available, so I'm just trying to find a good part of town. Here are my requirements:

1) close to a sports club that has pullup bars and either stationary bicycles or a swimming pool

2) close to a metro station that's not too deep

3) close to a buffet-type restaurant 

4) fairly safe for foreigners

Do you have a recommended part of town?

Jan 2, 2016 3:24 AM
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It seems to me funny when the citizen of Russia suggests not to visit Ukraine because of "a not good moment". What does he know about it?

Sorry, I am not from Kiev, but be sure nobody will eat you up there. ))))

January 5, 2016

I have limited knowledge but can say:


1. I had no luck finding a gym offering short term membership that was centrally located. I did find a hotel that had a pull-up bar on a playground out back. You could try the Kachalka gym. Planet Fitness has some branches in Kiev but I didn't try them. The Premier Palace Hotel offers short term memberships to its fitness club but I believe they are quite expensive.


2. Avoid University Station if you don't want a deep station (although it is very centrally located).


3. I don't recall any buffet type restaurants there. There are some cheap cafeteria style restaurants near Khreshchatyk station.


4. I did not feel in danger in any part of central Kyiv but was twice the target of the "Kiev Money Drop Scam" (although it is more funny and obvious than threatening).

January 3, 2016

It's not a very good moment for visiting Ukraine I suppose ))))

January 3, 2016

Hello, aegis. Why don't you just use the Tripadvisor to choose the hotel. You can find the hotel with all options in one place: kitchen, fitness-club and a pool. There are a lot of metro stations in the center of the city. 





January 3, 2016

@neofight78 - Thanks! I haven't been trying to improve my Russian for over a year now, but I'm still maintaining it.

@Alex - "It's not a very good <em>time to visit</em> Ukraine now" is how I would normally say it.

January 3, 2016
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