现在我是一边读简单的短文一边学中文的。可是我本身觉得这样学习方法不是很有效,因为我发现我看到字时能读出来但是要写的时后却写不出来,不然的话就是要讲的时后想不出该怎么讲。在 italki 的朋友们,你们对我学习方式有所看法?你们是怎样自学的呢?谢谢大家。

Jan 2, 2016 10:17 AM
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我觉得学习语言在打牢基础的阶段没有捷径。知识需要反复记忆,尽可能多积累和多练习。我们中国人在上学时也是要反复练习汉子的书写,才能记住字是怎么写的。要定期的复习。有一定基础了,尽可能地阅读新闻或文章,再多练习口语。如果太枯燥,你可以听听中文歌。刚开始可能听不大懂歌曲说什么,但是慢慢你会适应的,这对你的听力有提高。我觉得你学得很认真,坚持下去,加油!I feel that learning the language no has a shortcut in the foundation stage. Knowledge requires repeated memory, as much as possible to accumulate and more practice. We Chinese people in the school is also required to repeat practice of writing in order to remember how to spell the word. You have to regularly review. After a certain basis, read news or articles and more practice speaking as far as possible . If too boring, you can listen to Chinese songs. At the beginning you may not know very well what the song say, but slowly you will adapt it and your hearing has improved gradually. I think you learn very seriously. Stick to it!

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January 2, 2016