Please, listen to my voice recordind and share your opinion Hi community!

I've recorded a short audio with my voice, and I want you to listen to it and let me know how bad (or good )) it is, and whether my accent is bad. Please don't hesitate to share your truly opinion. The most valuable for me will be recommendations about what I have to improve (the particular sounds, words, etc.)

Here it is:

Thanks in advance!
Jan 2, 2016 5:08 PM
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Thank you very much, Elfin!

You provided a very useful recommendation.

Believe or not, I am doing "shadowing" exercises right now. I listen to a short example and repeat it with recording the speech on a microphone. Then listen what I said.

The word "crow" is really hard to spell for russians, it is true. Sounds like "ou, u:" are very difficult to us. And I've got that I have to pay attention to the sounds "t", "d" and "p".

Anyway, I'll keep trying.

Thanks again

January 2, 2016

Alex, when you say crow, the intonation of your voice changes.It's  like you raise your pitch a little and that makes understanding the word "crow" a little challenging at times( but not always) . 


Otherwise it's quite good. Maybe if you are working on intonation, you want to try doing some "shadowing", after listening very carefully at the intonation of the original recording. 


Shadowing is when you listen to a recording and then try to read and repeat the text with the recorded track.


It's an amazing exercise !

January 2, 2016

Alex... success


I did hear the recording and it was quite good.

I think you were speaking a little bit too quickly because 3 or 4 words were difficult to understand.

Here are 3:


- The ___ and the teacher... did you say 'clerk'?

- The word 'hot' ... you need to push/emphasise the letter 't' 

- Did you say 'bottle' or 'vodka'


I think it would be interesting if you re-recorded the passage but speaking at half speed and pronounce each word separately before beginning the next word.


Actually, I was a little surprised. You do not have a strong Russian accent and that is good because a strong Russian accent is more difficult to understand.


Happy New Year Alex 

January 2, 2016

The Crow and the pitcher )

Yes, some words are difficult to pronounce for me because of in Russian we wave not analogs.

Thank you Richard for listening and opinion, I will keep on trying.

January 2, 2016
January 2, 2016
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