For the people from UK... What do you think about mass inmigration?

HI people I was wondering what the people think in this particular place, in the UK in general, is it bad? is it good? Does it give opportunities to needy people?  I chose UK because I love everything about British, Irish and Scottish people, when I was a child ( and till now) I always wanted to go there, and mix with the people and being part of that beautiful language that all we know as English.

Differents dialects and ways to say something would be the bread of each day to a learner like me, I would really be glad and willing to learn everything about UK, but, well that's me, what about the inmmigrants who doesn't care about the culture? I know there'are some people who are not pleased with the country and talk just sh** about it... Get used to a new place could be really hard... where is the love for UK? has nobody noticed the harm that some heartless group do everyday?  And to remind you, I'm only talking about UK I wouldn't like to talk about other cases in another countries, It would harsh for me

Jan 2, 2016 11:37 PM