If a foreigners have to take TOEFL test, then what test sould be taken for natives speakers? It's silly question but I really want to know
Jan 3, 2016 3:17 AM
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In the USA we have some standardized tests for College Admissions. The two big ones are the SAT and the ACT. In order to get into the college of one's choice, it is necessary to do well on whichever test one takes. It includes sections on reading and writing which include many of the same things one might find on the TOEFL.



January 3, 2016
A school exam? )
January 3, 2016

I remember English 'O' level which was taken at the age of sixteen and compulsory in the UK.

I think it's called GCCSE or something like that now.


Then, you needed to pass this exam in order to be accepted at University, irrespective of what course you planned to do.  There maybe some variations to this now.


Depending on the job, some employers wouldn't employ anyone without a pass in this exam.


So I'm afraid even native speakers have to pass the native language exam.  I've said this before, but just because one is a native speaker, doesn't mean they will pass this exam.


Was the content comparable to the TOEFL? I couldn't say to be honest, but I suspect others would be able to give an exact answer.


I did pass and I hated!

January 3, 2016

Yes, with piles of coursework, essays and certain books to read.

January 3, 2016

It would actually be on our HSC (High School Certificate), or other school-leaving document. English is a compulsory subject in my country, so yes native English speakers do have a "score" as such.

January 3, 2016