What makes a great teacher?

I view a great teacher on Italki as someone who is really good at practicing with the me. What does that mean?  I like teachers who use a technique of repeating what I say, but using correct pronunciation and fixing my grammar. They deliberately take the discussion into new territory to expand my vocabulary and make me find new ways to express ideas. Also, they need to get familiar with my vocabulary and grammatical repetiore, recognize when I use a new word or grammatical concept, and make a little miny discussion around that new word or concept to drill it home. Finally, they need to know not to correct so much that I start feeling overly self-conscious and can't speak freely. What do you think makes a great teacher?

Jan 3, 2016 9:45 AM
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In general I think what makes a great teacher is how they conect to ther student(s) and make material easy yet fun to learn. Maybe fun ways to use yjhe language if you are in a language class or learn history in an exciting way to keep students' attention. For example I had a professor for art history or appreciation that would dress up in the time period clothing, romance, renaissance, broque periods. I had an Accounting teacher in high school that taught the class but also let you do work on your own as if independent study in case certain areas were easier or harder. I could go on with examples of things that I thought over the years that I would include in this. 

January 3, 2016