Jim Morgan
The subjunctive in Spanish and French

The subjunctive is being used less and less in the U.S.A. in common everyday speech.  Is the same thing happening in French and Spanish speaking countries? I tend to think not, but I'm not sure. Would others be open to comment, should he or she want to comment. (Note how I just used the subjunctive.)

    others be = subjunctive

    he want   = subjunctive

    she want  = subjunctive 


Jan 3, 2016 11:44 AM
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 The use of the subjuntive in Spanish is more usual than in English. In fact I have problems to translate some sentences , when I am talking with a English speaker, because I think  in Spanish using the subjunctive and I know that is not the common way to say it in English. You  use the conditional more often. "Espero que lo hayas entendido".


January 3, 2016

I would suggest studying the grammar in a textbook that has lots of examples of translating (interpreting) the subjunctive. Translating in my mind is more straight forward going from English to Spanish because it seems like the choice of verbs or doubt in a sentence lead invariably to the use of the subjunctive. My struggle is my Spanish level, but I do see how it would be more difficult from Spanish to English in your case. It'll come with practice. If you have specific examples, I'd be more than happy to help. 

Jim Morgan

January 4, 2016