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Words ending in d and t

As a Spanish speaker how did you succeed to correctly pronunce words ending in t and d in English? Even though, I have take many lessons, it seems like I always fail to correctly pronounce words like don't, and, can't, most, etc. Any tips are welcomed.

Jan 3, 2016 10:19 PM
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depending on accent and the word that follows it, it can also be pronounced different ways. Sometimes "don't" for example can be pronounced "dow" or "don" (rhyming with "row your boat") without any "t" sound at all. Sometimes the "t" can be pronounced with the middle or back of your tongue touching the roof of your mouth. These 2 ways don't use a 2nd puff of air. All 3 ways are very common.

January 3, 2016

Even though it is only 1 syllable, 2 puffs of air are needed. For "can't" the 1st puff is voiced. As you make the "n" sound the tip of your tongue is touching the roof of your mouth. DO NOT move it yet. The 2nd part (the "t") is unvoiced, it is like a short unvoiced "tuh". Keep the tip touching the roof of your mouth (behind your teeth) then quickly move it down and away at the same time you are puffing air out of your lungs.

January 3, 2016