The Quest of the Language Bubble

שלום לכולם!
In order to to achieve learning results akin to moving into the country of the target language within the confines of your home, many language-learning sites advocate the immersion of the learner into a language bubble.
Thus, a few steps I've taken in my attempt to build a Hebrew language-bubble includes:
1. Changing phone settings to Hebrew (Was really confused at the start but am getting a hang of it now. The confusion's an added excuse for me to not reply my friends :P)
2. Changing laptop settings to Hebrew
3. Watching Hebrew cartoons a few times a week. (Little Lulu!)
4. Some praying and journalling in Hebrew by copying Hebrew Bible verses and songs. (I try to do so by finding my favourite Bible verses in Hebrew and copying them, deconstructing the grammar whenever I have the time. The Torah and The Gospels have been manageable to read for my level. I also try to jot down whatever thoughts I have in Hebrew as much as possible)
5. Sticking post-its of Hebrew names of places and furniture in my room and kitchen. (I don't find this to be that helpful though)
6. Using italki and hellotalk to converse with Hebrew speakers
7. Speaking only in Hebrew to fellow Hebrew-learners (totally flouting this one right here!)
8. Listening to Hebrew music and podcast on the go. (Arik Einstein! מה אתה עושה כשאתה קם בבוקר?)
9. Translating signs and notices to Hebrew (Still trying! Will be posting some I saw in the library soon!) 
10. To-Do-List in Hebrew! (Something new on the list, which I'll have to try slowly when I have the discipline to even write and stick to a To-Do-List in English)

So, I'm pretty sure there are many out there who have tried crazier things to make your home like Israel though you're more than a 1000 miles away. Share with us your experience here!

Jan 4, 2016 4:08 AM