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I'm looking for someone with native or close to native japanese to help me improve. I'm looking for help to correct translations, answer questions, give constructive critisicm and maybe if you're up for it even talk on skype so i can actually talk japanese to a real human being. Its a big plus if you are either fluent in english aswell or atleast have a decent understanding of english grammar so you can provide some serious help.

In return i can offer help with both english danish and a little german. Also would love to establish relationships with new people in general. So if you can help, even the slightest, dont hestitate to contact me! Heck, if you just wanna learn english or danish feel free to add me aswell.

If theres anything else you want to know write me a pm or post a reply in the discussion. 

Best regards,



skype: johannesppp

email: [email protected] 


Jan 4, 2016 12:25 PM
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Hi:)I'm a Japanese.I have never talked with people in English. So I can't speak in English fluently, and I have only a few vocabulary, but I want to talk with you, anyway.If you want, I can comunicat with you in Japanese, too.

January 23, 2016