what's the weather like there?

I live in central Italy and it's raining. It's 9 degress out!!

Jan 5, 2016 1:11 PM
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Marina, I'm waiting.  You can swim in the pool and get a really good tan!  It's also good to drink a very tall, very cold beer.

January 5, 2016

I live in Qazvin,Iran. A city beside Tehran, the capital of Iran.
It is almost 1 degrees Celsius here but at mid-night or early in the morning it is -5 degrees Celsius.
I love this kind of weather actually. 

January 5, 2016 ask about the weather, Marina. Have a good day

January 5, 2016

Much the same, @Marina, afternoon Southeastern US, 11 C and raining - prolonged weather weirdness - my daughter wants some natural snowfall

January 15, 2016

it is good

January 5, 2016
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