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"Kulla" and "kulli"? (كل و كلي)

Jan 6, 2016 4:37 AM
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كل = "kull" = eat (giving order to male to eat)

كلي = "kulli" = eat (giving order to Female to eat)

كلا = "Kulla" = eat (giving order to two people to eat)

كلوا = "Kullu" = eat (giving order to man people to eat)
Note : I'm not a teacher :x


January 6, 2016

the word كل should be looked at in two ways: either verb or noun, nad it has totally different meaning when using as a verb or noun: 

"كُل": the noun means : everything, تعني الشمول

"الكَلَ": the noun  means: exhaustion or tiredness, تعني التعب و الإرهاق الشديد

"كُل": the verb means: eat when talking to a male 

"كَلَ": the verb means: he got tired, تعني أرهق أو تعب

"كُلَي" Kulli: the noun means the total sum of everything

"كُلي":Kuli: the verb means: eat- when talking to a female

"كُلوا": Kulo: the verb means: eat- when talking to a group of people

January 13, 2016

i think you mean: kulla>> كُلَّ it means everything or All
kulli>> كُلّي it is an adjective and adverb of كُلًّ, in other words it means in a way that combining all things, feartures or elements of that thing or whatever you are talking about.

but you may mean
kulla>> كُلَّ as an object and in this case it comes as a noun after an action; so it has a (َ ) on the letter ل. And still has the same meaning i mentioned before

kulli>> كُلِّ in this case it comes after prepositions; so it has (ِ ) below the letter (ل) 

January 13, 2016

Sorry my bad
Well the word is كل means umm everything or everything of something
but there is Harakat on letters that makes the sound different ( Harakat change depens on the word meaning in the sentence )
So the word sound is Kulll , with heavy L in the end is the sound, then when you put it in the sentence it should take one of these Harakat as extra Harakat on last letter, to make the sentence right : Damah ُ   Kasrah ِ  Fatha َ  (Main Harakat) but these aren't a letter so that why writing the Arabic letters in English will make it sound a different word , and you better focus on the Arabic letters more and on Harakat, (get an Arabic keyboard :P , check my profile maybe it will help )

Okie so the three sound of the word كل can be this :


كُلَّ  = Kulla  Fatha َ

كُلُّ  = Kullu  Damah ُ

كُلِّ  = Kully  Kasrah ِ

I hope I explained well :X

January 6, 2016

كل...(KULLA)   حرف جر (eg1:كل شيء====EVERY thing)    or   (eg2:كل الناس===ALL people)

     and كلي (kulee)  it's verb (order female to eat)

January 6, 2016
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