Which is more important to you, dream or ordinary life?

Hi my friends, 


How are you?

I'm thinking about if you guys are wondering the same issue.

Since very young, i had a dream that treval around those main cities in at least 30 countries before 35 years old. And by now, I achieved half of my dream. Traveling makes me so happy and extra relex, and shows me how wonderful the world is. 

But, I have work to go and need to earn money. I thought that I can make money for the travel. But the thing is that when I work, I have no time for traveling. And my parents are considering that if a girl travel too much, she'll have a high vision, which makes me difficult to find a boyfriend. 

I think, the main reason is that I can't admit how normal I am. But, why I have to?


So, what do you think? Are you going through the same trouble? 

Jan 6, 2016 6:52 AM
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Me too Alicia, normal life is so boring and it makes feel like I'm dying everyday. I suppose I have to study and then get a job to earn enough money for my dream, but the process takes so long. And I really admire those who dare to travel alone around the world without a lot of money.

January 6, 2016

It's rather peculiar that in a country with so many more boys than girls, there are so many rules for girls they have to follow to find a boyfriend...


Well, who knows, maybe you'll find one while traveling! I think that in many other countries, having seen a lot of the world is considered a good or neutral quality, not a bad one :-)

January 6, 2016

Hi Alicia 

Actually ordinary life is really boring and make us tired so the dream is Much important :) My dream is like yours i hope travel worldwide but the only problem is finance so i spend my money just travelling around my country

January 6, 2016

Hi Alicia
Well, recently I was thinking the same, but I think that we have to follow our dreams and doing the things that would really make us happy.

January 6, 2016


January 6, 2016