Hi every body what is your idea about corporal punishment at shchool?

Jan 7, 2016 10:06 AM
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Violence is'nt the best way to get the respect or discipline of students.

January 7, 2016

Spare the rod and spoil the child? In my view, verbal abuses and corporal punishment are just ways that lazy adults chose to “manage” youngsters instead of actually teaching them by being role models themselves.

All kids were born blank slates; they imitate, emulate, and mirror no one else but adults around them. Lashing out our frustration on kids who don’t know any better and physically/verbally abusing them is to create a next generation of irresponsible adults who are not only likely to verbally/physically abuse their future children, but who are also more likely to use physical/verbal violence against others in the name of ”educating” them (simply because they know of no positive behavioral patterns to carry themselves).


We should stop this madness. 

January 8, 2016

In the United States, 31 of the fifty states prohibit corporal punishment in schools, while 19 allow it.

My state, Massachusetts, is one of the ones that prohibits it. It also happens to rank first in the nation in quality of education.

January 8, 2016

It is fascinating:) For thousands years people honeslty believed that school just can't work without it.
Now it is prohibited here and... surprise!

I'm not sure for Jesse's country, bet here it still works (or was working before the fall of USSR).

January 7, 2016

Against it !


It is bad enough that many children are beaten to a pulp as I was at home, so to also to be beaten at school would be unendurable.

January 7, 2016
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