how to make a effective plan everyday?

there are some successful man who like make a plan. I often make plans, but I find I can not complete it sometines and feel the time  is not enough. how to make a effetive plan?

Jan 8, 2016 1:37 AM
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Wow a plan sounds cuch a big thing


So make the plan into a list of small things.  Put them in a sequence.  Make an estimate of the time required by every bit.  Add up the time required and the time you can seriously give to the plan.  Is there a time problem?  If there is then replan.


If the plan still seems ok then list what you could do today.  What are the critical things that must be done today.  Put an A by them.  All the other things, if it would be good put a B by them.  If you don't care ignore them.


Go back to the list of As.  The most important put a 1 by it and so on, do the same with the Bs.


Then go into the As and is there an easy one.  Do it.  Yeha well done.

Now go to A1 and do it, etc etc etc


If you do all the As FANTASTIC


Repeat tomorrow

January 8, 2016

Every time you think about your plan just ask yourself why? Why are you studying? Why are you working out? Why you wanna do it? Does it worth your time? I think answering these questions will help you stay motivated. 

January 8, 2016

You can make a simple and easy plan at the begining.When you can always finish it,you can make a difficult one and try to finish it gradually.Believe yourself!Give yourself some time to adapt it.

(๑•ั็ω•็ั๑)If there are some wrong with my English expression,welcome everyone to collect it,thank you very much!◉‿◉

January 8, 2016

Thank you for your advice.

I will do it step by step until find the right one. 

January 9, 2016