hey guys!! this is my first time useing italki. I'm so exciting to make friends with u and  improve my English. 

My English is not good.  I want to find a teacher have patience and good at chat... haha

I afraid I have no idea what should I say.

我知道應該很多語法有錯誤吧 希望有會中文而且英文也很好的任何同學~老師們~幫我改正一下 :))

總之 我還沒上過任何課 所以不了解 推薦我不錯的老師吧!! 我只會非常基礎 然後想找個老師可以輕鬆聊天最好不要雞同鴨講然後不知道該聊什麼 我需要被帶動話題:))))

thx :))



Jan 8, 2016 7:14 AM
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Try to relax at first ! If you want to get the right teacher, you can try some 30 min sessions with differents ones to see which one fits you. You can also look for friends who want to learn Chinese and are English native speaker.

Sorry for not writing this comment in Chinese but I use a mobile without Chinese keyboard. So I wish you understand what I'm writing.

January 8, 2016

Well, I can speak Chinese fairly good. Feel free to contact me.

January 9, 2016

thanks for repling:)))  I will try 30 min sessions first. 

I can understood what ur saying. :)) 

so you also can speak Chinese?



January 8, 2016