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The mid-life crisis.

For sure, this post will not interest the younger of you.

Do you believe that the mid-life crisis exists? If so, have you ever experienced?
From what age has this "disease" started biting you? Yes I know there are much worse things in life. But sometimes it's good to spread his moods on social networks without worrying that someone you know could read them. And yes the virtual can be good (although some of you deny it as I have already seen on other posts). And it is also really interesting to know how this behaviour is considered in different countries.
The desire to challenge themselves suddenly.
The desire to want to explore other horizons, to want to learn new things.
The fact of considering that you are missed something.
The feeling of having missed out on something good and wanting absolutely restore balance by proving to yourself that you can achieve it.
Wanting to regain some of the freedom that you loved so much when you had not children or even boyfriend (or girlfriend).
Fighting to regain this fitness and this youth you had at 20-25 years.
Sometimes this can be ridiculous to see some single people who persist in wanting to find a boyfriend or girlfriend of 15 or 20 years younger than them. But is it really necessary to judge them for that? The most important is their happiness, isn't it?.

But, decided to work from abroad, taking his family because you did not do it when you were young and this situation affects you ... Is it really safe for the family?
Where is the line between ridicule and ambition? Would the mid-life crisis be a hypocrite behaviour?
So the mid-life crisis could be dangerous, could not it?

Jan 8, 2016 9:55 AM
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Don't worry, be happy ))

January 9, 2016

I guess around the time I started peri menopause and started losing my hair, I knew and felt I was no longer as young as I used to be.


However I have no desire and go out with a guy who is young enough to be my son, or start wearing clothing that belongs on a 20 year old.


I've kept more or less the same look for the past 15 years - black leggings, rock and roll t-shirt, nose ring, lots of silver jewelry, barefoot/Crocs/sandals.

January 9, 2016

Ah ah ! You rock @elizabeth-anne. 

January 9, 2016