How can be in shape?

Hi every body what is your idea about excercize during a week? And if you don't have time how do you compensation it?

Jan 10, 2016 11:12 AM
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Hi every body what is your idea about excercize exercise during a week? And if you don't have time how do you compensate for  compensation it?


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I sometimes get exercise in but sometimes I don't.  I try to eat well and keep active like walks, bike rides when nice. If I can in the cooler months just cardio boxing in the house and I do most of the work around, and in the house so I get exercise that way too not that it is the same.

January 10, 2016

I used to run 10K a day and play football once or twice a week then because of winter and snow i had to give up runing so i enroled into a gym, usually i train 5 times a week. you always have time for a workout you could workout at a gym or at home or go for a run (which i recommend).


January 16, 2016

As I do not like going to the gym, I own my own fitness equipment which I keep in the garage at the back of my home.  I keep about 500 cds out there with a small boombox, so I am not forced to listen to music I don't like, especially as I would be so much older than many of the other women at gyms.


If you don't own equipment that is no problem at all, all you need is a good quality pair of sneakers or walking sandals and go out daily for a few mile walk, preferrably in a place where cars are not permitted to entire.  You can treat yourself to a pedometer, so you can see how many steps you have done.


Aim for 10,000 steps per day  ( equals 5 miles )

January 16, 2016