how i can speak english right ?! help me .. i'm beginner

i want speak english by Correctly..  how can i start ?! i'm beginner .. if you can help me conect with me :) thans  

Jan 10, 2016 3:04 PM
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@Rania, I agree with you but I think improving the listening will not suit this phase. It is better to focus just on the basics. By the way, your writing skill is more than wonderful!

January 10, 2016

Hi there :)


english is one of the easieat languagea to learn :) allow me to explain why :) 

first of all of course you need to start by the basics, as in personal pronouns, verb to be, to have, followed by some basic vocabulary prepositions and the like... 


Once you've gotten a hold on the most recurrent words used in the language (ex: but, currently, now, never, ever, and so on.... Etc)


you could try and watch suntitled movies (american movies are vert easy to find subtitled to any language you want online) also songs can fasten the learning process since the music kinda sticks into your head helping you to better memorize the words.


hope that helped :)


best of luck :) 


Rania :)

January 10, 2016

I think you may need some good preparation before starting to speak, such as the structure, the parts of speech, and the pronunciation. Then you will be able to communicate with people to practice the conversational skills.

January 10, 2016

Just a few helpful tips based on what you wrote:


1) How can I speak English correctly

a. verb before the pronoun sounds more correct---- (verb) can (pronoun) I 

b. correctly.

Sometimes we use right as a confirmation and a question word. Example: You understand me, right? Today, the metro is not running on the green line, right? You picked up the tickets to the movie, right? You saw what that kid just did, right?

However, to do something---most often----you are doing it correctly or incorrectly. You get what I'm saying, right?


2) I'm a beginner

a. a = Needs the adjective to describe what type of (indefinite) beginner you are.


3) If you can connect with me.

If you can help, please connect with me.

or.... (colloquial=) Connect with me if you can help.


I hope these tips quicken the learning process for you. Hugs.




January 10, 2016

Make a plan study, and study every day, because it's the better thing to learn English or any language.

Have willpower and don't give up of your dreams.

January 10, 2016
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