Gabriel Rubens
How to organize the study of a new language?

I've been thinking about how to organize me to learn a new language, maybe it is easy if you're in the country when the people speak this language, but if you're in our country?


I've been studying English for 6 months, and now I want to improve my English faster, actually it is not only about leaning quickly, it's about not wasting time and enjoy even just 15 minutes of study.


Now I have basically 3 things to do every day:
1 - Listen to a podcast: I have a lot of "English as a second language" podcasts in my Smartphone, and I'm trying to hear at least one a day, I do it while I'm on my bus to my work.

2 - Do the Duolingo: The Duolingo are a good tool to helpe me with my vocabulary and the grammar.

3 - Do a Course: Now I'm doing a course and the main focus is the speaking, but I'm thinking to find a teacher here in the italki to speak more.


How do you organize your study routine?


<em>Sorry my English mistakes! =)</em>

Jan 11, 2016 12:11 AM
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Tks Daniela, now I put the channel on my list!


After, take a look in this podcasts, I think I'll like it

January 12, 2016

Very good Gabriel, you have an excellent routine, mine is not as good as yours, I'm afrid I don't orginze me as good as you, I have to work in it. I recommend to you the podcasts of BBC Learning English- 6 minute English, you can found them on youtube.

January 11, 2016

I'll do it Gabriel. Thanks.

January 13, 2016