Who's in love with How I met your mother?

Hi everybody! 


I don't know if I'm expected to post a discussion about grammar or something like that, because actually I currently don't have any doubt about grammar, but just want some talks :)


I really loved this sitcom, maybe because it's the first one I watched in english, and it reminds me about struggling trying to understand without looking at the subtitles ! But mostly because it speaks about friendship and love, in a way I really like :)

I better stop, because I could write a thesis about HIMYM...ahah weird.


And you? Do you have a favorite tv show? 



Jan 11, 2016 10:59 AM
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I really liked HIMYM, but I'm still mad at the ending. :P


I have a lot of TV shows I like, now I'm into Big Bang Theory, Downton Abbey and Doctor Who. ;-)

January 12, 2016

one of the best series ever, too bad that it have ended :(

January 11, 2016

I like that show too. It's a great comedy.

January 11, 2016